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  • Why It May Be Hard to Shift the Transmission Lever from "Park"

    Several factors can cause the transmission lever to be hard when you want to move it from the "park" position. This article discusses some of those factors that you should investigate when you experience this problem as you use your automatic transmission car. Reduction in Transmission Fluid All car fluids have a recommended minimum level. Your transmission lever can be hard to move from "park" if the level of the transmission fluid in your car went below that minimum recommended level.

  • Why You Should Upgrade Your Car to Match Your Style

    Do you consider yourself to be unique and like to stand out from everybody else? Does this extend to the car that you drive and do you like to modify it, so that it's an extension of your personality? Many people do and this is why the car parts and aftermarket accessory industry is so large in this country. If you're looking for the latest upgrade to your car, why don't you consider a performance exhaust system?

  • Two tips for keeping your car in excellent condition

    Repairing or replacing a car can be both expensive and time-consuming. Given this, it's worth taking measures to ensure that your vehicle remains in excellent condition. Here are a couple of ways to do this. Perform basic maintenance on a regular basis Many car owners assume that all they need to do to keep their vehicle in good working order is bring it into their mechanic for a servicing once a year.

  • Why Performing Your Trailer Repairs Using Salvaged Trailer Parts Is a Good Thing

    When performing trailer repairs, trailer repair costs can go higher than you had imagined. If you are a trailer owner and you do not have enough money to purchase brand new replacement parts for your trailer repairs, you can opt for used trailer parts, which are relatively cheaper to buy.  One place where you can purchase used trailer parts that are still in good working order is at a reputable auto wrecking yard.

  • Is Your Vehicle's Exhaust Trying to Tell You Something?

    More often than not, motorists will seek the services of auto mechanics when their vehicle is completely unroadworthy. What they do not bear in mind that they could avoid the inconvenience of their car being out of commission by simply being in tune with its overall health and discerning the symptoms of an underlying problem. One of the proactive measures that you can take is by keeping an eye out on the colour of your transmission emissions.

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