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The Benefits Of Car Servicing

Penny Roberts

When was the last time you serviced your vehicle? Well, some car owners will often skip routine car servicing since their vehicles are in perfect shape. However, this is a dangerous habit since it drastically reduces the lifespan of your car. The extract below discusses the benefits of car servicing

Car Servicing And Manufacturer Warranties

Did you know failure to service your vehicle can void your vehicle's warranty? Well, most warranties are particular about the repairs that the manufacturer can conduct. Ideally, the defect should not be a result of your negligence. Additionally, you must follow the manufacture's logbook maintenance schedule. Failure to service your car on time could void the manufacturer's warranty since it is an act of negligence.  

Engine Maintenance

The engine is your vehicle's lifeline. Below are a few ways in which the engine benefits from servicing: 

  • Car servicing allows your mechanic to detect minor issues such as oil leakages and too much smoking. While these issues may not pose an instant hazard, they are an indication that the vehicle could need an overhaul.
  • During car servicing, the mechanic replaces the engine oil. If you use worn-out engine oil, the internal engine components suffer increased wear and tear, which could cause overheating or engine knocks.
  • During servicing, the mechanic inspects engine components such as spark plugs and injectors. They will replace or service them as a way to avoid chronic issues in the future.
  • Your mechanic helps restore the performance of your vehicle during servicing. They will replace the air filter and clean the fuel filter to ensure a balanced air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber.  

Transmission Maintenance

Most people neglect their transmission system since it is less prone to defects compared to the engine. However, servicing the transmission helps ensure the performance of your vehicle. For instance, a damaged transmission might not switch to high gears. Other than reduced performance, you also strain the engine, which could lead to overheating. Transmission maintenance includes changing the transmission fluid, replacing worn-out components such as the clutch kit, torque convertor and cooling kit. 

Maintenance Culture

Regular car servicing helps you develop a maintenance culture. Typically, once you service the vehicle, you detail the repairs conducted, when to perform the next service and the longevity of the various parts. Over time, you develop a culture of going through the vehicle's maintenance records to identify if the car needs repairs and diagnose various car issues. 

Car servicing keeps the manufacturer warranty valid, helps you maintain the engine and transmission system and promotes a vehicle maintenance culture. 


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