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Custom Exhaust Fabrication That Can Increase Your Vehicle's Performance

Penny Roberts

When it comes to increasing your vehicle's performance, you may not think of custom exhaust fabrication, and may only be considering getting a larger engine, wider tyres, and the like. However, while the exhaust does allow dirty air to exit the engine, it also affects how much air comes in and out of the engine, and how well combustion is maintained. A custom exhaust can then mean stronger combustion and better overall performance from your vehicle. Note a few custom exhaust fabrication options you might discuss with your mechanic, and how these can improve your car's performance.


An intercooler cools the air that is taken in and compressed by a turbocharger, so that an engine can actually take in more air overall, as warmer air takes up more space than cool air. With an intercooler, the engine can create more combustion without overheating. A custom intercooler can then work with your turbocharger for even more speed and better pickup from the engine.

High performance catalytic converter

A vehicle's catalytic converter works as a type of filter, blocking some of the fumes and emissions that come from the engine, and then filtering them so that they don't exit out the exhaust pipe. This is to reduce air pollution, and you may even need to keep that catalytic converter in good repair for your car to be legally roadworthy.

A standard catalytic converter that's been installed by the manufacturer may become a bottleneck of exhaust fumes, and get clogged very easily. In turn, dirty air can linger in the engine, slowing down its combustion and causing it to use more fuel to compensate. A high performance catalytic converter is larger and wider than its standard counterpart, so that it allows more dirty oxygen to exit the engine, and won't get clogged so easily. This can result in higher horsepower and more overall torque.

High performance muffler

Your vehicle's muffler also filters the flow of air that comes from the engine, in order to quiet its vibration and sound. However, as with the catalytic converter, a standard muffler can become bottlenecked and clogged with dirty air. A custom muffler will ensure your vehicle runs as quiet as possible, and also ensure that no dirty air gets backed up into the engine. You can buy a high-performance muffler and have it installed, or have one fabricated for your engine in particular, with custom tailpipes that also allow more dirty oxygen to exit the engine.


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