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Ensure A Passing Score: How To Prepare Your Car For The REGO Inspection

Penny Roberts

If you have an older car, you need to arrange for an inspection before registration can be completed. If you're concerned that your car won't pass inspection, there are some steps you can take to prepare for your appointment. If you're not sure how to prepare, read the list provided below. Here are tips to help you prepare for your vehicle inspection appointment. 


When it comes to preparing your vehicle for inspection, the first thing you should do is check the engine. The inspection crew will check your engine for signs of damage. To get your engine ready for inspection, start with a fluid check. Your engine should have sufficient levels of all-important fluids, including oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid and radiator fluid. You should also check your engine for signs of leaks. Any issues should be repaired prior to your inspection appointment. 


If your car is scheduled for a REGO inspection, now's the time to give the interior a once-over. You might not realise this, but the interior is also a component of the vehicle inspection. When inspecting the interior, you want to pay close attention to the rearview mirror, door handles, window controls and seat belts. If there are any signs of visible damage, or if the seat belts don't work properly, you need to take care of the repairs before you take your car in for the inspection. 


Now that it's time for your vehicle's safety inspection, it's time to get the exterior taken care of. Exterior problems can derail the inspection process. That's why you need to schedule the repairs right away. During your preparation, look for the following exterior problems. Some of the issues you should watch for include worn tyres, windshield and tail lights. It's also important that you check for signs of rust. If you notice any issues with the exterior of your car, schedule repairs before you schedule your vehicle's REGO inspection. 


Finally, before you schedule your vehicle REGO

inspection, be sure to monitor the safety features. These features include the brakes, hazard lights and the blinkers. If there are problems with any of the safety features, be sure to visit a repair shop. They can take care of the repairs before you head in for your vehicle REGO inspection. 

Don't take chances with your vehicle safety inspection. The tips provided here will help you prepare your car for the appointment.


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