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3 Dangers of Driving on a Soft Tyre

Penny Roberts

If you notice that the tyres on your car are losing pressure, you should avoid driving your car even a short distance. While all tyres lose pressure very slowly over time and will need to be topped up, frequent pressure loss is a sign that there is something wrong with the tyre. Below are 3 reasons that you should never drive on a soft tyre.

You may cause further damage to the tyre

Often, a tyre will lose pressure because of a nail which has become embedded in it. An auto repair shop should be able to repair damage such as this which is causing a slow leak. However, if you continue to ride around in your car, it is likely that any existing damage to the tyre will be made much worse. This could result in the tyre blowing out while you are driving at speed, which could lead to a serious traffic accident.

Your brakes will not be as effective

The brakes on your car slow the wheel by pressing two brake pads against the rotor, which is turn places pressure on the tyres. If your tyres are slowly becoming softer and softer, you may notice that your brakes feel spongy and unresponsive when you press the brake pedal. This occurs because the rotors cannot push out against a soft tyre as efficiently as they can against a well-inflated tyre. If this problem is not addressed, you will be at an increased risk of sliding when you hit the brakes. To avoid this risk, you should consider having a set of new tyres installed on your car by a reputable company.

You may feel every bump in the road

The tyres on your car help to cushion you when you are driving over an uneven or rough road surface. However, it isn't the rubber which provides this protection; it is, in fact, the air inside the tyre. If your tyres are leaking air, there will be less protection against any bumps in the road, which can cause you to have a highly unpleasant drive and could cause damage to other components on your car. For example, the shock may damage the suspension, or a cable clip which keeps your headlights illuminated could fail. If you notice you are having a bumpy ride, you should stop and inspect your tyres.

If you would like further advice and information about buying new tyres for your car, you should contact a tyre dealership today.


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