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Why Your Car Needs Mechanical Repairs When It Refuses To Start Quickly

Penny Roberts

There is nothing more terrifying, or more annoying, than hearing your car spluttering and refusing to start when you turn the key or hit the ignition button. If your car eventually does turn on then you might assume no harm, no foul, but the truth is that once your car is suffering from severe mechanical issues that could come to a head soon. You'll need mechanical repairs if your car's engine refuses to start promptly, as otherwise, you could be looking a much bigger repair bill down the road. Here are a few reasons why you should schedule mechanical repairs when the car refuses to turn on.

Spark Plug Problems

Your spark plugs are the actual component that 'starts' your car, and most of the time if you have a problem in this department it is either them or a poor battery. Spark plugs get old and dirty, and can even begin to show signs of corrosion and wear and tear. If they are not cleaned on a semi-regular basis or replaced when they start to stutter, then they can cause a more serious problem in the engine. These are a very easy repair job, and spark plugs are some of the cheapest parts of your car's internals.

Fuel Pump

To start a car you need a healthy supply of petrol moving from your tank to the engine. This is done by a component known aptly as the fuel pump, which is known to break down more frequently in some models of cars than others. If you have a full tank then odds are the problem is not with the fuel pump, but if when the indicator dips below 50% full you start to get problems then it is almost certainly related to your fuel pump not working as it should with a smaller amount of fuel. This is an easy problem for mechanics to rule out, but one you should be aware of.

Holes In Exhaust Piping

While you might be confused as to how an exhaust leak could affect the startup of your car, the answer is quite simple: the exhaust leak will, over time, affect the fuel in the fuel injectors and cause it to be much less conducive to starting your car. Exhaust leaks are one of t he most dangerous problems that you can get, because they can easily get into the cabin of your car and affect you, personally. That is a prime reason why you should never take a stuttering car lightly, as it could be very bad for your health.


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