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Making life easier with a new car

Penny Roberts

New cars have a range of features that can make life seriously easier and safer. Here are some of the new car features that you may or may not have heard that can simplify your driving. 

Integrated Bluetooth

If you are someone who spends their life on the phone, having a fully integrated Bluetooth connection can be seriously helpful. Not only will your calls come through much more clearly on a native, integrated Bluetooth connection to the phone (compared to aftermarket hands-free kits), you can also get text messages displayed on the car's console so you aren't tempted to check your phone on the go. This will make your driving much safer and less stressful, as well as potentially saving you big bucks on those expensive police fines for using your mobile phone while driving. 

Parking assist

If you don't enjoy reverse parallel parking, particularly in tight or awkward spots, it can be a real sanity saver to get a car that has parking assist. Many modern cars have a function where you can drive up beside the car in front of the parking spot and press the parking assist button. The parking assist technology then uses a combination of the camera feed and some fancy internal calculations to work exactly how far and when to turn the steering wheel in order to get you perfectly slotted into that tricky spot. It can be a big stress saver as well as potentially saving cars from knocks and bumps if you struggle to get into the parking normally. 

Cruise control

While it's not a new technology, the ability of car engines to control their speed has improved massively. Cruise control now offers a very smooth and adaptable drive which can help your car to stay in great condition and use less petrol which cruising. Additionally, this can save you money on speeding fines if you are a bit of a 'leadfoot' and make sure that you are driving safely and staying within the speed limit. This can make driving a much more relaxing experience for you as the driver. 

If you are interested in having a safer and less stressful drive while saving money then it's well worth looking at upgrading your car to a newer model. Newer models use technology such as Bluetooth connections, parking assist and cruise control to help make your driving experience easier and save you money in a variety of ways. 


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