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Why Preparation Is Important When Renting a Car in Australia

Penny Roberts

Your airline tickets are booked and you're getting ready for the trip of a lifetime. This is your first time visiting Australia and you want to make sure that you see as many of those iconic landmarks as you can, whilst also checking out some of the Outback. As you may know, this place "down under" is vast and in order to see it properly you're going to have to rent a car. What should you bear in mind about driving here, before you travel?

Plan Ahead

It's almost always better for you to rent your car online before you travel, rather than leaving it until you get there. All the major airports have a variety of different rental companies and you can choose from a range of different options to suit your party size.


First and foremost, remember that you need to drive on the left-hand side of the road. This may be unusual for you and it's important to think carefully whenever you jump back into the car after some time out. A lot of accidents can happen when rejoining a two-lane road. You don't need to worry about transmission, either, as the majority of rental cars have an automatic gearbox.

Suitability for Purpose

While you will certainly find good-quality paved roads in the major cities and conurbations, don't expect to find these everywhere that you travel. The further that you go away from the big settlements, the more variable the road surfaces become. If you truly do want to explore the Outback, make sure that you reserve an all-wheel drive car before you come.

Cautionary Tale

There is nothing like the adventure of travel, but for your own safety and security, you should always have a plan, even though you may like to just take it as it comes. When spending a great deal of time in rural areas, you need to make sure that you have plenty of water for everybody in the car, together with some basic refreshments and a full tank of petrol. Plan ahead to find out where the next fuel station will be and also ensure that you have plenty in the tank for each leg of your journey. For the seriously adventurous who plan to spend a lot of time in the wilderness, always rent a satellite phone, because mobile phone coverage will be patchy.

Make Your Plan

You are sure to enjoy your time in Australia. For you to get the most from your trip, however, plan your time carefully and always be safe.

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